Join us at Upstairs at the Gatehouse this summer for an enchanting time-travel journey roaring with comedy and swashbuckling adventure. Sirena is a bold new musical making its U.K. debut at the 2017 London Camden festival. Flitting throughout time and history, the story traverses the world with a fun and witty look at the importance of art to humanity. Legends come alive as history, folklore, film, television, science, music, and art weave an enchanting story about where we’ve been and where we’re going, illuminating how the arts keep the world alive and evolving.



A pair of young girls are swept through a portal into Tir-fo-Tuinn, a Celtic mythological realm in sharp contrast to the harsh reality of 1680s Ireland. Discovering a terrifying and beautiful world, they battle the twists and turns of the ruthless kingdom and its magic. Mist Trailer:


Emerald Lens: Adventures in Living Green

Watch the trailer for this international travel-adventure series with a focus on the earth and sustainability. Emerald Lens Trailer:


An independent film based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is set in the 1950s and celebrates all the rock and roll, young rebellion, and racial tension of the classic period. Verona Trailer:

West of the Sun

A Western action-adventure feature with a science fiction twist explodes into a classic genre with a young hero’s fierce determination to solve a mystery from the past in time to save the future.